Divorced Mum - Relocation to Holland with Toddler: I am divorced from my Israeli husband. We have a toddler, over whom I have custody. I want to move back to Holland which is my native country. I have much better career and employment prospects there, and will get support from my family. I am willing to agree to generous visitation rights, both in Israel and in Holland. What are my chances of being allowed to do so, if my 'ex' is against the idea?

Good. Your plans sound legitimate, and reasonable. As your child is under 6, and Israeli law gives preference to mothers of young children gaining custody, then if you apply for relocation, are the toddler's main carer, and a reasonably competent parent, then it is likely that the professional appointed by court to make a report and recommendations will recommend that you be granted permission. The court, however, must be convinced that relocation to Holland with you would be best of the options available from your child's point of view.
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