Ex-Brit Wife Wishes To Relocate to UK With Child: I am English married to an Israeli. We have been living in Israel since we were married, but I now want to go back to England taking our young daughter with me. My husband does not agree. What legal action do I need to take in Israel and in England to make our return possible according to the law?

You first need to apply in the Israeli Family Court for a custody order and an order giving you permission to relocate to England. If you are granted these, you may then legally leave Israel with your child. When you get to England you can apply to the appropriate English court (usually the county court local to where you live) for what is called ‘a mirror order’ which will in effect recognize the Israeli orders that you obtained. There may even have been a condition in the Israeli orders that you obtain an English ‘mirror order’ to protect any visitation rights which the father was given by the Israeli court.
Relocation From Israel