I am the father of an Israeli child who is living in Israel in the custody of my ex-wife. She is brainwashing my son against me, just as she did with his elder sister, who is now an adult, and is totally alienated from me. My 'ex' will barely give me time to see my child in Israel when I can afford to visit, and will not hear of him visiting me abroad. I fear he is being poisoned against me. What are my options?

File for access both in Israel and overseas in a Family Court in Israel. Your 'ex' will have to file a defence. You can ask the court to appoint a social worker to make a report and recommendations on the issue. In general courts in Israel recognize the right and emotional importance of a child having a relationship with both parents, and initially is likely to make this clear to a custodial parent who displays hostility towards respecting this, even at a preliminary hearing.