I was at my wit's end with my marriage, depressed after the birth of our child, and madly homesick. I persuaded my husband to let me visit my family back in the U.K. to 'show off' the baby. When it was time to take the flight home, I could not bring myself to go back to Israel. Now, he has brought Hague Convention proceedings against me. I want time to think about the marriage, and time on my own, not with my husband. I am worried that he might get violent or hassle me. Is there any way of agreeing to go back and also getting all these things?

Certainly. You can reach a voluntary return agreement through your respective lawyers which includes conditions and undertakings about accommodation and support for you and the child upon your return, until the court in Israel makes a further decision. You can negotiate an agreement to live separately from your husband, and for him to cover accommodation and living costs for you and the baby meantime. You can also get him to undertake not to enter the home, or bother you. Such an agreement can be recognized and enforced in Israel. Upon your return, you can also apply to court for various orders.

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