Is it possible to get another expert report ordered by court in relocation proceedings in Israel, if there are fundamental faults in the report and recommendations filed?

Yes, as a rare exception. An Israeli family court will not usually digress from the expert's recommendations or order a supplementary report in relocation proceedings, unless there are 'heavy-weight' reasons justifying this, but it is possible for a supplementary report to be ordered, if, for example, it is found that not all the factors or options that should have been considered, were considered.

For example, in February 2016, Tel Aviv District Court, a supplementary expert report by was ordered as part of relocation appeal proceedings. It was held that a court appointed expert in child relocation proceedings must check out all the possibilities thoroughly, including the implications for the minor/s of the parent wishing to relocate with the child/ren in question, actually relocating alone, and leaving them with the other parent, even if he/she expressly declares that he/she will not do so. The decision to allow relocation in the child/ren's best interests, is usually a difficult choice, of the 'least detrimental alternative', in practice, and there must be full consideration of the quality and nature of the child/ren's relationship with each parent, and a comparison of likely damage resulting from separation from each parent.

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