My husband (from my second marriage) and I want to relocate to Canada with our children and my child from my first marriage, who has been in my custody since we divorced. We are all Moslem Arabs from the ‘triangle’. My husband has just received a fantastic career opportunity there. My ex-husband refuses to give permission for our mutual child to relocate overseas. What can I do?

You will have to prove that the grounds for your relocation application are legitimate and reasonable, and prove that it is in the child's best interests and is the least detrimental alternative, or least harmful alternative, in the circumstances, given all the options. The court can grant you such an order, and overrule your husband's objections, as part of the legal proceedings, but you will need a clear ‘relocation plan’ which shows how the father-child relationship can be retained despite the distance, as well as what arrangements are proposed for the minor in terms, of educational, health and social activities etc.
Relocation From Israel