No Obligation for Trial Relocation: My ex-wife has custody of our daughter and wants to relocate from Israel to Belgium with her. I object but she has now brought legal proceedings against me in Israel. Can I make my ex-wife's new husband guarantee that if our child does not like it there, he will agree to their return?

No! There is no legal obligation upon your ex-wife's new husband to agree to this at all. The court can grant your ex-wife permission to relocate if after hearing the expert opinion/s it considers that it is the best option for her in the circumstances, even if you object. In November 2006 Tel Aviv Family Court granted a mother with custody, who had remarried a French businessman, permission to relocate to France with a six year old son, It adopted the findings and recommendations of professionals which held that relocation was in the minor's good, or was the 'least detrimental alternative', In doing so, the court rejected a claim by the father that his ex-wife's new husband's refusal to promise to let her and the child return to Israel if the minor were unhappy in France, proved that his welfare was not being put first. It held that the new husband was under no obligation to make such an undertaking.
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