Relocation Case – Time Following Remarriage: How long could a legal battle in Israel take to get permission to relocate abroad with my children from my first marriage, after I remarry, assuming my 'ex' objects?

No clear answer can be given, as this would depend on many factors, but if your 'ex' went for an all-out battle including two appeals, it could take a few years. For example, in May 2005 a mother of Canadian origin who remarried in 2003 finally got permission from the Supreme Court to relocate abroad with her two daughters from her first marriage following an all-out battle with her ex-husband that included two appeal proceedings following the original family Court judgment. Successful negotiation resulting in a court-authorised agreement over relocation and visitation, however, can slash time down to a matter of weeks or even months. Even if a legal battle has started, it can stop in the middle and agreement can be reached, saving time, money and emotions.
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