Relocation - Crunch Questions For Parent Applying: I am a divorcee in a steady relationship with a man in my native U.S.A. I wish to marry him. My 'ex' objects to me leaving Israel with the kids, and it looks as if I am going to take legal action. If the crunch comes, and I don't get permission, I will stand by my kids, and stay in Israel with them, and give up my chances of marrying this man. If I let the court know that I will stay in Israel in any case, will this weaken my cause?

Not judging by a successful relocation case decided by Tel Aviv Family Court in September 2005, where a divorced mother, originally from the U.K., was given permission to relocate there with a 10 and an 8-year old, over whom she had custody in Israel. She had originally planned to relocate to England to be near her family in the South Coast, but later amended her plans to remarry and live in London. She had made it clear to the psychologist appointed by the court to make a report and recommendations that if her plea were rejected, she would remain in Israel. The psychologist noted that if the mother had to remain in Israel should her plea be rejected, the same problems of isolation and strain she experienced before would resurface, and this would have an indirect negative effect on the children as it would weaken her parental capability. Furthermore, refusal would fan the flames of animosity between the parents which would boomerang on the children, and they could bear a grudge against their father because of this.
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