Appeal - Trial Move Abroad - If parents relocate outside Israel with their child on a trial basis, could the new destination become the minor's country of habitual residence – and put a parent returning ‘home’ with the minor at risk of child abduction proceedings, if the other objects?

Everything will depend on the circumstances as the move could change the country of habitual residence of a minor from Israel to that of the destination country, but not necessarily so. In an appeal ruling in July 2007 Tel Aviv District Court upheld the finding of Tel Aviv Family Court that a trial stay of 1 year and 8 months in the United States, during which the family had lived in two different States and the father had gone from job to job, did not mean that the minor's country of residence had changed from Israel to the United States. It rejected the mother's appeal against the judgment given in March 2007, which had thrown out her request for a Hague Convention return Order for their mutual son, on the basis that Israel, and not the United States, was the minor's place of habitual evidence. ‘Not every move abroad should necessarily be seen as a permanent move as in relocation/emigration.....

As long as one is talking about a trial period, then from the point of intention, one should not see the new place as the place of habitual residence,’ the District Court held.
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