Yes, and it does not matter if the children were abducted to or from Israel. The parents can reach a negotiated settlement authorised by the court hearing the plea for a voluntary return of the children. The following are examples of voluntary returns involving minors with dual nationality - Israeli and foreign - where one parent was originally Israeli.

In January 2005 a voluntary return was reached in a Hague Case before Tel Aviv family court, where the UK father, was represented by our legal practice. In March 2005 an Israeli father, whose Hague plea for the return of his children from Ireland, had been filed with the Central Authority by our legal practice, reached a voluntary return agreement, in the High Court in Dublin. A voluntary return was also reached for the return of two minors from Belgium to Israel in the Summer of 2004 . In this case our practice represented the Israeli father by filing the Hague Plea with the Central Authority in Israel ,obtaining an ex-parte declaratory judgment at Tiberias Family Court declaring Israel to be their home, and filing for custody there, too.
Mediation & Agreement