Children's 'Home' – Israel or UK? : I am a British dad, and Christian. My wife is an Israeli Jew, who has permission to live in England. We were married in the UK, and then had kids there, and have always lived there. The kids have both British and Israeli passports. My wife has always said that because the kids are Jewish that Israel is their real home. She is over in Israel with them now, and she is refusing to come back with them, despite my protests. Legally speaking which is their 'home country' if I had to bring action for their return?

The UK. It is clearly your children's country of habitual residence according to the principles of the Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction, if you were to bring legal action under it for their return. What your wife is doing is called 'wrongful retention' under the Convention, which amounts to an act of child abduction. While your children have Israeli citizenship and a right to live in Israel, for child abduction purposes, the UK is their country of habitual residence or 'home', not Israel.
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