Do courts in Israel hearing Hague convention child abduction proceedings keep to the 6 week deadline set for finishing cases at the first court level?

Rarely, though this can happen, as in Family Court case 161-07-12, where Tel Aviv Family Court gave a judgment in August 2012, in favour of the ‘left behind’ father, a Dutch citizen living in Belgium, and represented by our legal practice, within a month. In another case, also involving a Dutch father represented by this practice, and two abducted children, the first level proceedings took nearly 5 months before a return order was given in February 2013– in case 36930-09-12.

Special permission is needed from the vice-president of the family court, if first level proceedings extend beyond the 6 week default time. Complex cases, involving the preparation of reports by legal and psychological experts, and cross examination of expert witnesses, usually take longer than 6 weeks.
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