Return Order Under One Roof - Can a court in Israel dealing with a request for the return of an abducted child under the Hague Convention actually order the minor back to the 'home country' to live in the same house with both parents if they are married?

Yes, this is possible. The court dealing with a Hague Case has discretion to tailor-make the conditions of the return order, depending upon the circumstances of the case, until a court in the ‘home country’ rules otherwise. Regarding accommodation, the court can condition the return order upon the parents living separately, or it can order the minor back to the marital home and make temporary decisions regarding this, as it sees appropriate in the circumstances. For example, in July 2008, Ashdod Family Court did just this in Hague Convention Proceedings brought by the father, represented by Adv. Amihoud Borochov, against his wife for the return of their abducted minor son to England. In its judgment it ordered her to return the abducted minor to Manchester, England, under the same roof as the Plaintiff father, ordering them to live on separate floors in the 3-storey house. It added that if the Plaintiff was not interested in such an arrangement, he should provide rented accommodation for the mother for up to six months.
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