Time Scale of Return Order - How long does it take before a court in Israel dealing with a Hague Convention request to return an abducted child abroad actually gives its judgment?

In theory, from the plea for a return order is actually filed, the family court dealing with the case is supposed to give a judgment within six weeks, in accordance with the deadlines set by the 1980 Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of Child Abduction. In practice, however, cases frequently over-run these deadlines, though, in theory, according to the Civil Procedure Regulations governing Hague Convention cases special permission must be obtained in advance for the extension of deadlines. To illustrate the point, a British father represented by Adv. Amihoud Borochov opened Hague Convention proceedings for the return of his abducted son on 1/4/08 at Ashdod Family Court. After a marathon 14 court sessions and the submission of written summations from both sides, the court finally gave judgment on 24/7/08 – just under four months later – ordering the minor's return to England. The mother had abducted the minor from England to Israel on 26/2/08. On 24/3/08 the father instructed counsel in Israel to represent him after a personal ‘peace mission’ to Israel to return mother and child to England had failed, and the mother had obtained an ex-parte order from court preventing the minor leaving Israel.
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