At what age are the views of children 'abducted' to Israel likely to play a role in whether they are returned home under the Hague Convention?

In Israel a ten year old who is declared as being sufficiently mature will have his views taken into account in family law cases, but in an abduction case heard by Haifa Family Court even the views of a mature 9 year old were heard. In the case ,decided in August 2006, the court listened to the views of an 11 year old girl and her 9 year old brother and refused to return them to Holland, from where their mother had abducted them . Under the Convention where a child is of sufficient age and maturity and objects to being returned, the court has a discretion not to order his/her return, even if there is an act of abduction. In this case the children's elder sibling lived in Holland with the father.

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